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Red Alert Patch

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Red Alert Patch

Published 1996

These are all official patches plus some unofficial fixes for the game Red Alert for Windows (DOS version had no official patches except for expansions).

Version 1.08PE was the last official patch (released in 1997), with 3.03 being a beta release (released in 1999), although never officially released out of beta, which included expanded multiplayer and some fixes.

Version Information
Check the main menu for your version information, which will vary between 1.04, 1.07, 1.08 and 3.03.

Installation Notes
Only run this if you are running 1.07 or lower (can work on any expansion). Run the exe to extract the patch.exe and patch.rtp. Copy these to the installation directory and run patch.exe. Included is also the patch notes file.

Uncompress and copy the entire contents of your language version ZIP/7z to the Red Alert installation folder overriding any existing files. It is recommended to make a backup of the files before proceeding, and having 1.08 installed beforehand.

For 3.03 there is also a set of save files available since the newer version of the game will render old saves inoperable. Copy these to the installation direectory to have mission starts for every campaign mission so progress can be continued.

The First Decade 3.03
Install 3.03 as normal above, then run the tfd-ra303fix.exe program. It doesn't have to be in your Red Alert directory to work. The fix works on all language versions of Red Alert.
Copy the included THIPX32.DLL into your Red Alert directory to fix LAN play.

3.03 LAN Patch
Copy wsock32.dll into the installation folder overriding any existing file.

Identifier Red_Alert_Patch
Creator Westwood Entertainment
Mediatype software
Date 1996
Year 1996
Publicdate 2009-02-01 20:09:35
Addeddate 2009-01-31 22:11:43
Publisher Electronic Arts
Filesxml Sun Dec 5 23:38:23 UTC 2010
Backup_location ia903602_26
Language English, German, French


Patch Notes

These are the English release notes for patches/files. For German and French, please download the relevant files (since this section is already rather long)



This patch file for Command & Conquer Red Alert updates versions 1.04 and
1.07 to version 1.08PE.

To install the patch file, simply copy the PATCH.EXE and PATCH.RTP files to
the directory that you installed Red Alert to (this is usually the
C:\REDALERT or C:\WESTWOOD\REDALERT directory). After the files are copied,
simply type PATCH to begin the update process.


If you install this patch and then try to install Counterstrike, you will get
the following error message:

Compression error.
Error ept0036: Old file not found. However, a file of the same name was
found, noupdate done since file contents do not match. File: game.dat

This message is normal and Counterstrike will play correctly.

The following is a list of items that are updated automatically by installing
this patch:

1. Score Screen Fix

Some systems were having problems handling the heavy memory
requirements of the score screen opening animation. We have
changed the way memory is handled at that point to improve

2. Improved Multiplay

We have made various aspects of multiplay more comprehensive, to
trap the rare, special cases which occasionally surfaced during
multiplay on some systems. Fixes include better error handling,
greater compatibility across networks and modems, and multiplayer
save/load for network and modem play. In addition, an "advanced
modem settings" dialog box has been added for greater player

3. New Gameplay Features

- Starting points for multiplayer maps are more random.
- Ability to slow down unit build rates in internet play.
(This should limit the "Tank Rush" strategy)

4. Difficulty selection for Counterstrike missions

Notes on Saving a Multiplay Game.

On Modem and Network games, it is possible to save the game. When
reloading that game, all players must have exactly the same names,
and be of the same nationality that they were in the original game.
Any aberration in the player information will prevent the Multiplay
Emergency Save feature from working correctly. The type of game
must also be the same. That is to say, if the players saved while
playing the Win'95 version of Red Alert, they must load playing the
same version. It is not possible to save a game in Win'95 and then
load it in DOS, or vice versa.

Notes on the Multiplay Emergency Save feature.

On rare occasions during a multiplay game, you may be prompted to
initiate an emergency save. This typically happens when one or more
of the connections has become unstable. If all players agree, the
Emergency Save function will then attempt to save the current game.
Due to the special nature of the internet, THIS FEATURE IS NOT

When loading an Emergency Saved game, all players must have exactly
the same names, and be of the same nationality that they were in the
original game. Any aberration in the player information will prevent
the Multiplay Emergency Save feature from working correctly. The

type of game must also be the same. That is to say, if the players
saved while playing the Win'95 version of Red Alert, they must load
playing the same version. It is not possible to save a game in
Win'95 and then load it in DOS, or vice versa.

3.03 Patch Notes


Four Player Internet version release notes

Copyright (c) 1996-1999 WESTWOOD STUDIOS, INC. All rights reserved

Command & Conquer, Command & Conquer: Red Alert and
Westwood Studios are trademarks of Westwood Studios, Inc.

Wednesday, January 27, 1999

For latest goodies, news and updates visit

[for best results in WordPad, select view/options/wrap to ruler]

Overview of Changes to the Internet Game Setup Process.

1. Internet games no longer need the separate Westwood Online Chat program for the game setup phase. All the Internet chatting and game setup functionality is now integrated into the Red Alert program, enabling smoother, quicker Internet game matching.

2. To play a multiplayer Internet game of Red Alert, Counterstrike, or Aftermath, launch the game, then select "Multiplayer" from the main menu. Then from the Multiplayer game menu, select "Internet". At this point you'll be presented with a login dialog that allows you to enter your Westwood Online nickname and password. (If you have not previously saved a nickname/password, you will be given the opportunity to jump from here directly into the registration process).

3. Navigation between channels in Westwood Online has been altered somewhat, making it easier for users that are not yet familiar with the system. Most notably, the concept of game "lobbies" has been added. These are chat channels that only users of Red Alert may enter. It is in these channels that games are created and joined. To prevent excessive crowding, there are several Red Alert lobbies, each with a distinct name. In order to host a new Red Alert game, or to join one that is starting, you must first enter a Red Alert lobby. Press the "New" button to start a new game. Note that pressing "New" when you are not in a Red Alert lobby will result in the creation of a chat channel, not a game channel. You can join a game that is being started by highlighting the game you wish to join and pressing the "Join" button, or simply by double-clicking on the game.

4. When you initially log in to Westwood Online using Red Alert, you are automatically placed into a Red Alert lobby.

5. There is a new Westwood Online option, associated with these new lobbies. Ordinarily, the game channels that you see listed are all games that are currently being created, regardless of what lobby they were created in. If this list gets too long, or if you are looking for a game that you know has been created in the lobby that you are in, turn on the "Show local lobby games only" option. When this option is on, only those games created in the lobby you are in show up on the channels list.

6. Selecting "..." from a channel list moves you "up" within the Westwood Online channels layout. Selecting any other option moves you "down" within the system. At the very top of the tree you will find three main channel categories:

i. Official Chat: Here you'll find chat channels that are officially sanctioned by Westwood. Users cannot create new chat channels in this area.*

ii. User Chat: Located here are chat channels created by users. You can create your own chat channel by pressing the "New" button while in this part of Westwood Online.

iii. Game Channels: Choose this option if you want to access the Red Alert lobbies, where you will find Red Alert games being set up. Also under "Game Channels" you can see other Westwood games that are being set up, such as Command & Conquer and Dune 2000 games.

7. If you have only used the Westwood Chat client application to start Red Alert games, and you do not use it for launching other games (such as Command & Conquer, or Monopoly), you may uninstall it without side effects. None of its components are necessary now for launching Red Alert Internet games. The Westwood Chat client application appears on your Add/Remove Programs list as "Westwood Chat" or as "Westwood Online" depending which version you have installed on your system. Note: The new "Shared Internet Components" are required for Red Alert (as well as other new Westwood Internet-playable games), so don't uninstall these.

Other Enhancements to Westwood Online.

1. Players of Tournament games will be acquainted with the concepts of Red Alert and Aftermath "ladder rankings" of players. These rankings are now visible within the game; you'll no longer have to go to a Web page in order to see just how good a potential opponent is. Your own record is also clearly displayed, so that when game results get updated (occurs hourly), you can easily view how you are doing in the Red Alert and/or Aftermath rankings.

2. You'll now have a better idea whether you have a good connection to the opponents in a game, before the game starts. A new ping time meter has been added to the game setup screen, showing you how fast your connection is to each and every other player. (The ping meter in the lobby's game list still measures ping time between your machine and the game host - as it did previously in the old Westwood Chat.)

Changes to Red Alert Internet Play.

1. Red Alert now supports up to 4 players over the Internet; you can now select up to 4 players on the game setup dialog! Note that tournament games are still restricted to two players.

2. "Tie game" option. In two player games, you can now "Propose a Draw" to your opponent. If the opponent accepts, the game will be declared a tie. Your offer of a draw remains open and available for your opponent to accept until you manually withdraw it. This option has been added mainly for Tournament games; there is now a way to get out of a game that does not result in one player winning or losing. "Tie game" will be sent as the official game result.

3. Improved game results for Tournament games: better reporting of disconnect results has been added, so that the person at fault for interrupting a game by disconnecting will receive the loss. Note: it is now required that you allow the "Reconnecting..." dialog to time out by itself during a Tournament game. If you cancel out of this dialog, cancelling the game before it finished trying to reconnect, you will receive a loss for the game.

4. "Mega"-sized Aftermath maps are now available for download to players that do not have Aftermath, in Red Alert game channels.

5. If all of a players units have been destroyed except for his submarines, an automatic sonar pulse pinging will begin, enabling you to find his remaining units. No more annoying end-game sub hide-and-seek as a way to avoid a loss!

6. The page feature in Westwood Online allows you to send messages to other Westwood Online users, even if they are currently playing a Red Alert game. If you are in a game and an incoming message appears from a user not in your game, you can reply by hitting the enter key and then typing your message.

Miscellaneous Release Notes.

1. This update is only applicable to the Windows 95 version of Red Alert. The DOS version of the game is not updated in any way. If you experience problems with the DOS version of the game after applying the update, we recommend that you either play in Windows or re-install the product from the original Red Alert CD's.

2. If you have the original version of Windows 95 installed on your system, you may need to obtain a Windows update in order to install and run this Red Alert release correctly. The latest Windows "service packs" are available via the Microsoft web site at http:\\ Look for the "support" area and then do a "search" for "Windows 95 service pack" or "Windows 95 updates". Alternatively, the Windows components you need are automatically updated if you install Microsoft Internet Explorer version 3.02 or higher on your system. If your system needs these updated Windows files, you will see a message to this effect (which may mention a file called OLEAUT32.DLL) after downloading the Red Alert update files or when trying to play an Internet game. This issue does not affect Windows 98 users.

3. This update addresses an incompatibility between the Novell Client 32 IPX software and the original release of Red Alert. It should now be possible to play IPX LAN games when using the Novell Client 32 IPX software.

4. If you are experiencing problems with the Red Alert update, please visit the site for additional help.

3.03 The First Decade

Run the tfd-ra303fix.exe program. It doesn't have to be in your Red Alert directory to work. The fix works on all language versions of Red Alert.
Copy the included THIPX32.DLL into your Red Alert directory to fix LAN play.
You can also use Scorpio's DLL patch for that; this is just the original RA 1.08 DLL.

For 8 player online games, type /8playergames in the in-game WOL interface

3.03 LAN Patch

This patch allows you to play RA 3.03 over LAN on Windows 2000 and above.
The patch makes use of the UDP protocol instead of IPX which no longer requires you to have IPX installed.

Supported Operating Systems by this release of the multiplayer patch:
Windows 2000, Windows XP, Windows Server 2003, Windows Vista and Windows Server 2008.

3.03 Save Game Files

One of the biggest drawbacks of the awesome Red Alert 3.03 patch is that it is incompatible with older RA savegames. For this reason, this pack was made.

Included in this zip are saved games for allied, soviet and ant campaigns.
Not included are Counterstrike or Aftermath as you can select these missions from the menu.


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